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About Our Group
Leads2Share has an active, structured approach to augmenting members' businesses through the process of giving and receiving qualified leads to new business.  It is well-known that networking provides the opportunity to build sales profitability through personal communications and contacts.  Using the power of personal referrals, it is the most effective way of marketing any business. Leads2Share formalizes the process of sharing leads and facilitates participant expansion of existing business networks.

The leads provided during and between meetings consist of one-on-one referrals to prospective clients -- names of major representatives, business owners and decision makers -- who are known to need a particular service or product.  Belonging to Leads2Share is like having several sales people working for each individual member of the group, because each member acts as a referring agent for all other participating members.  When members meet someone who could use another member's product or service, they feel confident about recommending a fellow Leads2Share member, because they've gotten to know that member, have heard testimonials from others about the quality of product or service provided, and -- through the spotlighting process -- are acquainted with the nature of that member's business enough to be able to identify potential "good matches."